Subject: 3.0 video question - looking for facts
To: None <>
From: bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/25/2006 18:56:13
It is winter here, and actually cold so I am playing with my alpha 
again. Last week I loaded 3.0 on my LX164 box.  It has an ATI Radeon 
7000 PCI card installed. I would like to use a graphical interface. I 
would like to use X11.

I would like to know, factually, which way I should go - X11R7, or 
Xfree86 4.4/4.5.

I realize there are various positions and stories on which is better, 
but I want to know which one will work. I assume I will have to build 
from source. The pkgsrc file does not seem to point to a prebuilt binary 
for alpha, but I have not checked out the binary builds that TIm has 
been doing, I will do that next.

Yes, I snagged Mel's code for 4.4. I snagged the sourde for R7.

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Edmond Burke