Subject: Driver for D-Link DFE 500TX rev C-2
To: None <>
From: Steve Kirk <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/25/2006 18:26:03

I'm having a problem with a D-Link DFE500TX rev C-2 card in my Digital
5305/Alphaserver 1200.

The card is unknown to the SRM, which isn't a disaster although it would
have been nice if it was known. However it appears that it isn't
recognised under NetBSD/alpha? I was under the impression that this
card should work using the tlp driver, but this doesn't seem to be the
case, at least not in my initial installation of NetBSD 2.1.

I'm pretty sure this driver is in the kernel, it was certainly picked
up and used on my Alphaserver 800 without any issue. Has anyone had any
success with this card and NetBSD/alpha?