Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD on DEC 3000 M600S
To: None <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/08/2006 14:12:07
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>>>>> "mtm" == Mark Ter Morshuizen <> writes:

   mtm> (Still does with 1.6.2.) What should I be looking for?

the outer pins 1 and 6 of the MMJ plug are the handshaking pins.  Are
they wired to the handshake pins on the PeeCee?  I think this is the
right wiring for a cable but am not positive.

MMJ _plug_ (this is male,              PeeCee plug (DB9 female)
the thing that goes into 
the DEC 3000.  If you wire 
to an RJ12 jack and use an 
MMJ jumper, it's backwards.)

         1  -------------->>>>>>>-----------  8
         2  -------------->>>>>>>-----------  2


         5  --------------<<<<<<<-----------  3
  [Key]  6  --------------<<<<<<<-----------  7

                           short together 1,4,6
                           these 3 inside
                           DB9 housing

MMJ pin 6 is the one with the springy plastic tab above it.  If
properly wired for handshaking there should be +5 to +15V here
w.r.t. ground MMJ pin 3 and 4.

It is possible though kind of a longshot and only speculation, that
the serial driver was perhaps changed after 1.6.2 to obey the hardware
handshaking pins.

to prepare a disk in another system for ssh, you need to either make
an ordinary user in the 'wheel' group, ssh as that user and su to
root, or else set 'PermitRootLogin yes' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.  To
make the .db files compatible with NetBSD/alpha you must use another
little-endian system or else manually invoke pwd_mkdb on the target
disk with -L:

mount /dev/[dec3000's disk] /mnt
cp /mnt/etc/master.passwd /mnt/etc/t0
pwd_mkdb -L -p -d /mnt /mnt/etc/t0

There are no .db files for /etc/group---you can just edit it.  If you
are upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0 you need to forward-port all your
configuration to a fresh /etc from etc.tar.gz, or else use that
postinstall program maybe?, to accomodate PAMification.

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