Subject: Re: How to install NetBSD on XP1000?
To: None <>
From: Aleksandar Janicijevic <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/30/2005 01:33:56

just wanted to thank Miles Nordin and Anders Hogrelius
for their help! I succeeded in installing NetBSD, now
the next step is to configure things properly.

So, for the benefit of all, here's what I did:

- In Alphabios setup I selected CMOS setup and there
selected DEC Unix SRM

- Insert boot floppy 1/3.
- Reboot machine, it comes up in SRM.
- Enter command B DVA0 to boot from floppy
  (as decribed in

- Insert install CD.
- When asked about where to install from, enter DQ0
for CD.
- After the installation was complete, it asked me to
reboot. After reboot, it fired up SRM again; there the
command to boot OS from SCSI disk is B DKA0.

And that's it! Now I have a system that boots, so far
I managed to edit rc.conf so that it starts in
multiboot mode. I finally have a chance to learn how
to use NetBSD.

Thanks again!