Subject: Alpha gear available in San Francisco
To: NetBSD/alpha Discussion List <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/15/2005 13:42:58
Free Alpha gear available for pick-up in San Francisco.  Will  
consider shipping if you are willing to pay packaging and shipping  
costs.  Will consider delivery to locations in the South Bay or  
Peninsula on weekdays (I work in Cupertino).

I need to get this stuff out of my attic, and will send it to a raw  
materials recycler if no one wants it.

- DEC 3000/300LX w/ keyboard

- Multia (with "Multia heat death" fix applied)

- AlphaStation 200 (disk is probably dead, but the machine was  
working fine when the disk croaked; I also need to find the top half  
of the case for this one)

- AlphaPC 164

- API UP1000 (speedy little 21264 system)

- AlphaServer 1200
=>This is a multiprocessor system with a StorageWorks-compatible disk  
shelf built-in.  Plenty of disks for it.  This system is quite heavy;  
I will not ship it, and I might need help getting it out of my attic  
(I certainly needed help getting it up there).  If you want this  
system, I would really prefer pick-up, and would also be willing to  
provide beer for after the task is done.
=> Only one processor board in it right now -- one of the two  
originals let out its magic smoke a couple of years ago.

- Additional processor board for the 1200 above.  Chuq Silvers gets  
first-dibs on this, since he provided me with this spare board in the  
first place.

-- thorpej