Subject: Free (somewhat-ancient) hardware for SF Bay Area folks
To: None <,,>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/13/2004 01:30:14
Hi folks,

I've got a bunch of random somewhat-ancient hardware that I'm either
going to give away, or have recycled.  ("Mmm, Office Depot.")

All of this stuff is at least 7 years old, and much of it hasn't been
powered on for 3+ years.  (Some bits, e.g. the HDDs, were powered on
last week.)

I'm willing to give any/all of this to people at mutually-agreed upon
locations(s) in the SF Bay Area, but i'm **not** willing to ship.  (If
you're elsewhere and want some... find a friend in the Bay Area who's
willing to hold on to it for you and/or ship it!)

I don't care who wants it -- I'm more inclined to give it to NetBSD
users/developers than others, but really, I'd rather give it to
[v*anybody* than recycle it.  But, recycling is a better option than
keeping it all.

The summary list is below.  It isn't completely descriptive, but if
there's interest, I can write down part numbers and stuff.  (If
there's no interest, I don't want to waste the time.)

If I don't hear from anybody by 8/22, I'll start taking stuff to be
recycled (terminals first, probably) soon thereafter.


* 2 workstation / pizzabox-shaped machines, marked "HP/Apollo" on the front

* 1 workstation / pizzabox-shaped machine, marked "HP" on the front


* 1 Sun 4/110 with monitor, keyboard, etc.

* 5 SPARC 1/1+/2-class pizzaboxes.  I think one is non-functional, and
  most have PowerUp modules.


* 1 DECstation 3000/600 (i think -- i haven't checked the model # in N
  years, but it's that shape.)

* 2 AlphaStation 200s, one working one not (IIRC).

DEC MIPS boxes:

* 1 unknown DEC MIPS workstation.  8-)

Miscellaneous crud:

* I may have keyboard/mouse/etc. setups for some of the workstation hw

* 6+ terminals, including 1 vt220, one wyse40(?), and the rest
  miscellaneous types.  (None truly Ancient.)

* 1 additional 5.25" FH SCSI HDD enclosure.

* a variety of other SCSI disks in the range of 400MB to 4GB, which
  have experienced a bad block or two, which have been reformatted.
  After reformatting, no more bad blocks.

  (Probably still nicely usable for scratch space... but it's hard for
  me to justify continuing to use them 8-).

* 1 working Micropolis 1908 1.3GB 5.25" FH SCSI HDD (never has
  experienced disk errors), in an external enclosure.

* Maybe a couple of 3.5" HH SCSI enclosures.

* I have lots of random cables and add-in cards and DIMMs, but i'm not
  going to recycle them right now...  If people are taking other HW,
  though, and have specific requests, I may be able to accomodate.