Subject: Re: DEC 3000/M400 cooling
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/31/2004 03:09:01
On Jul 31, 2004, at 2:55 AM, der Mouse wrote:
>>> [...] I don't have a really good 'scope.
>> Tek 453s show up on eBay all the time in the $50 range.
> Unless you're volunteering to do the ebay interaction for me, there is
> no point in saying such a thing, unless you're _trying_ to come across
> as "nyah nyah, look what you can't have", which from what I've seen of
> you I don't think is the case.

   Huh??  Umm, no, it was an honest suggestion, I was trying to be 
helpful.  I'm sorry if I came across otherwise.

>   ebay's terms of service are completely
> unacceptable to me on multiple points - in fact, I'm rather surprised
> that anyone outside California finds them acceptable.  (At least, they
> have been every time I've checked in the past; I didn't bother checking
> again now just in the off chance they've reversed themselves in the
> last little while).

   Bizarre.  While they're definitely run by profit-mongering suits and 
it shows, I buy pretty much everything except food and clothing via 
eBay for both home and work...LOTS of stuff, every day...and while I've 
had a few problems over the years, my overall experience has been 
positive, both as a buyer and a seller.

   That said, however, I can certainly understand that it can be 
frustrating on many levels for many people...I just happen to be more 
tolerant than most on some points.

   If you were serious about my handling such a transaction for you, I 
would be happy to do so, as I've benefitted directly from a lot of your 
work over the years.  There are a few Tek 453s on there now, all under 
$50 and probably won't go much higher than $60.  If you'd like me to 
snag one for you, let me know.


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