Subject: API CS20 remote halt/reset
To: None <>
From: Stephen Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/18/2004 00:04:37
I've got a CS20 that blew a capacitor that I use for parts and just 
learning more about the
CS20 without damaging a good unit.  The good thing about the halt 
microswitch (SW1) on the
front end is that its surface mounted and could easily be replaced by a 
pair of wires which
you could hook up to something remotely close/open the circuit .. the 
bad aspect is that
its really quite impossible to get to and do the work without taking 
the shark out of its case.

The mainboard is held to the chassis by 14 black plastic clips most are 
accessible without
too much fuss, but 4 of them are underneath the huge heat sinks.  
Directly behind the right
most fan on the front and to the left of SW1 is SW2 (as labeled on the 
board), which is
undocumented in the reference manual, but is most likely a reset 
switch.   However, the
technical reference manual refers to 'J32' which I've not found yet 
(page 16 of the tech ref)
is stated to be the reset jumper 'accessible when the system cover is 
removed' ..  Anyone
had any luck?  I've looked all over my dead board with heat sinks 
removed and haven't
found anything .. anyone know what J41 is for? (4 pins in a row between 
J1 and J2 (the
firmware settings/CPU jumper blocks).