Subject: resetting XP1000 SRM password
To: None <>
From: Ken Raeburn <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/14/2004 19:43:18
I recently acquired an XP1000 using AlphaBIOS from another department
at work.  Since I want to run UNIX on it (probably NetBSD-current,
though Debian's not ruled out yet), I switched to the SRM console.
Now, any time I want to do anything but boot the default configuration
(which doesn't have an OS on it now), it says the console is in secure

I don't have a password for it.  As far as I know, the original user
isn't even around any more to ask.

I've searched for info on how to reset the password, and keep finding
stuff for other Alpha models, but not the XP1000 so far.  I tried a
couple of things anyways, like playing with the halt button while
being asked for the password; no luck so far.

Does anyone know what the right magic jumper, button, key sequence,
whatever, is for the XP1000?

(I'm not even sure yet if this is the 500MHz or 667MHz model, though I
don't know if it matters.)