Subject: Re: nfsio behaviour on 2.0F
To: Nathan J. Williams <>
From: Stephen M. Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/14/2004 14:39:21
> You don't actually say so, but does this imply that you do see
> timeouts on NetBSD?

Yes, however Andrey Petrov is looking into this.  With 2.0E I was experiencing
SCB timeouts with the fxp ethernet interfaces on the CS20.  After only 
working with FreeBSD 5.2.1 the past few weeks, I've loaded 2.0F on one of
the CS20s.  The fxp ethernet timeouts are occuring with NetBSD.

> Is the load number a problem? Is the system otherwise less responsive?

The system is responsive and I realise that I probably should not compare
the uptimes between the two.  I working on making a decision between 
FreeBSD and NetBSD and there are pros and cons with both.  While NetBSD
is experiencing ethernet timeouts (which can probably be fixed, since it
apparently was fixed in 1.6.x) NFS out of the box does seem to be more
responsive with basic operations on an NFS filesystem that has a large
file being created at ~4MB/s continously... FreeBSD under the same 
circumstances will have processes stuck in nfsrcvlk state for a few seconds
before completing successfully.  Again, this is out of the box configs, but
these scenarios are so simple you wouldn't think you'd have to dive into 
the black magic of 'optimal' NFS settings (is that really obtainable anyway!?)

FreeBSD's SMP performance and stability is really promising, especially 
since we're probably going to dump our DS10Ls and use our CS20s.