Subject: DEC 7000 (AXP) 4 CPU, 1GB, DRAM, SCSI for trade
To: port-vax <>
From: Gunther Schadow <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/04/2004 22:19:55
Hi, got a nice DEC 7000 with 4 CPUs 1GB of memory. AFAIK it is
the first Alpha model made. Same chassis as the VAX 7000.

This one works beautifully and sounds really nice. I had 
OSF installed on it once (have the OSF CD with it, just
no license key.) I can't keep it though, because now I have 
my VAX 6660 together and my last spot is gone. 

I would like to trade this one for a VAX 40000 in a pedestal. 
Don't you think that is a fair trade?


This box is in Indianapolis, IN. If you come here you get to see
my collection of VAX6460 with vector processors and an 11/780.
You may even get a VAX6400 for free and another smaller alpha
(DEC3000 system) as a thank you gift.

This one is heavy. However, there are at least two ways to load 
it: either liftgate truck, or a u-haul low-floor truck or 
trailer. The low-floor trucks are really nice: cheap to rent
and easy to load (we just lay the machine on its side.)