Subject: DEC stuff given away.
To: None <,>
From: Magnus B{ckstr|m <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/19/2004 14:04:43
I have some older DEC hardware that seeks new homes.

  One DEC3000/800S (200MHz 21064), 128M memory, One RZ26L (1G),
  and one Micropolis 3243 (4G). PMAGD-AA graphics card.

  One DEC3000/900 (275MHz 21064A), 160M memory, no disk, PMAGD-AA,
  one DEFTA-AA FDDI adapter, and one PMAZB-A dual SCSI (narrow s.e.).

  One dead or flaky DEC3000/900 with 192M memory, one RZ26L, two PMAZC-AA,
  and one DEFTA-AA.

  One StorageWorks cabinet containing four RZ28 disks.

  Further, a DECconcentrator 900MX, and two DECbridge 900MX.

Everything is in Göteborg, Sweden, yours to pick up.

Magnus Bäckström <>