Subject: Serious bug in passwd???
To: Port Alpha Mailinglist <>
From: Anders Hogrelius <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/18/2004 10:16:08
I just found out something that's seriously wrong in passwd. Since I use
1.6.1, I can't say if it's still left in -current or in 1.6.2. What
happens is this: Lets say you change your mind, and dont want to change
your password. Hit ctrl+C, right? - Wrong!!! It doesn't leave your
password untouched, but instead writes a password with unprintable
characters. Logout after it happens, and you can't get back in, or
change your password since it will ask you for the old one. The problem
for me now, is that I'll have a 2 hour journey with a car, to fixed this,
since this happened with the root account password on my server which is
located in another town!!! I was also stupid enough to test if it really
was a bug, by repeat it on my ordinary account...:-( If I log out from the
session I'm writing this mail in, I won't be able to login again.

Is this Alpha-specific or should it be forwarded to a more general
NetBSD-list? Not protecting passwd from picking up ctrl- characters
or other unprintable chars for that matter, seem a bit braindead...


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