Subject: Re: help: ram modulkes problem with XP1000
To: RJ45 <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/16/2004 10:16:38
At 06:15 AM 3/16/2004, RJ45 wrote:

>sorry for the off topic not NetBSD related question...
>I have purchased 4 RAM modules last week from Crucial.
>4x256MB 168 pin DIMM SDRAM PC100 ECC to install them on a Compaq XP1000
>I Removed from my machine the 8X64MB I had and installed the 4x256MB new
>RAM does not work, when machine starts it keeps beeping like if no RAM
>were present. I Tryed to add the 4 old RAM modules in the 4 left empty

I don't think that's right.  Try putting two in the left and two in the

>Thus 4x256MB + 4x64MB but same does not work.
>It works only with the old RAM and with all the 8 sockets filled.
>The old RAM filling 4 sockets does not work as well.
>Do I need to have all the sockets filled with same modules capacity ??
>IT looks weird....

No.  Each bank of 4 must be identical.  My XP1000 only has 4 256MB DIMMs.

>Do I need to reset something in the SRM before installing new ram ?


>any hints ?

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