Subject: NetBSD 1.6 install problem - "UID 0 comm sysinst on /: file system full"
To: None <>
From: =?iso-8859-1?q?t-k.gopalakrishnan?= <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/02/2004 14:32:12
Hi there,

NetBSD Alpha installation fails towards the end
(after the steps accepting root password and
setting time zone) with the following messages:

 UID 0 comm sysinst on /: file system full
 write failed, file system is full
 segmentatio fault

I am installing on to a 9GB disk and it is a 
full installtion (everything in the kit - 
base + man + X cliient, server...)

First I used the default partitions (128MB for
root, ~256MB for swap and rest of it for /usr).
When this failed (with the above error), I 
allocated everyting after swap (which I 
just increased to 512) to root.

This also failed with the same error.

After the message, the shell prompt is
displayed. Also I can boot from the disk,
but it then it does not present the login
screen as excepted, instead displayes the
shell prompt.

The 'df' command shows (for every 
directory - dev,usr,bin... under root):

 Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
 root_device 8132381 234825 7490936 3%    /

This error is reported for other platforms
in various messages. The solutions suggested
are to increase size of /usr (in some cases)
but here I had all the area in the disk 
available to any directory.

Can somebody help? please...

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