Subject: Re: NetBSD 1.6 for Alpha - installation problem
To: None <>
From: =?iso-8859-1?q?t-k.gopalakrishnan?= <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/02/2004 13:56:17
 --- gopalakrishnan thazhathe-kalathil <> wrote: > Hi there
> I created a bootable CD (burn image) from NetBSD 
> version 1.6 alpha ISO file 'alphacd.iso' using nero 
> verion 5 running under Windows XP. The procedure 
> finished successfully which labelled the CD 
> 'NetBSD 1.6 Alpha'and created the following 
> structure (as seen under Windows XP):
>   alpha
>     binary
>       kernel
>         netbsd-GENERIC.gz
>         ...
>       sets
>         etc.tgz
>         base.tgz
>         ...
>     installation 
>       diskimage
>         ...
>       ...
> I am able to boot NetBSD on my AlphaStation 200 4/166
> but the installation is not completely successful
> After choosing optin a: (Install NetBSD to hard disk)
> and choosing Full installation, when it comes to the 
> step  of unpacking the distribution file sets, it 
> started reporting errors that it can't find 'etc.tgz'.
> When I just tries to 'ignore and continue', it did not
> find the next file 'base.tgz' and so on. It did spell
> out the directory /alpha/binary/sets/ where it was
> looking
> for these files.
> In one of my several repeat attempts when I
> deliberately
> entered a wrong directory, install reported it could
> not 
> find 'netbsd-GENERIC.gz' which means it was able to
> find
> this until then.
> I suspect there is something wrong with the structure 
> created as I read in NetBSD web dialogues that
> Nero-created
> CD may not be totally iso9660 compliant...?
> Can somebody help ...please

It would not work; but I have got around it.

The problem is the alpha can not mount the 
CD in the external SCSI CD drive (after the
initial boot ) though it can boot from it!
(this problem has been reported in several 
messages though no solution/workaround 

The funny thing is that the sams procedure 
with the same external SCSI CD drive works
on my VAXstation 3100 all the way! (with 
vaxcd.iso unpacked on a CD as above)!

So I 'cp'd the above Alpha CD to a hard
drive on the VAX and used the hard drive 
on the Alpha (after doing a floppy 
boot) to get rest of the files in the kit.

...until I hit the "UID 0 comm sysinst 
on /: file system full" error ..which 
is the subject for a separate e-mail...

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