Subject: Re: Soft power and the 164LX.
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From: Matt Dainty <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/14/2003 00:37:51
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* <> [2003-09-13 23:29:43]:
> In going through the 164LX hardware documentation I noticed an
> interesting jumper. Jumper J1, located on the mb right next to the power
> connector, is the "soft power connector".=20
> Why is this not very well known? The letters next to the jumper even
> say something like "SFTPWR". I hooked a LED up to it and saw the LED
> light up slightly, but the machine didn't come on. Then I tried a
> small alligator clip across the two pins.=20
> Poof, the machine fired right up.=20
> Further experimentation shows that I can't leave it jumpered forever,
> it requires a pulse. It *does* both turn the machine on and turn it
> off.=20
> So, it could be wired up to make a switch on the front of the box
> work. It cannot be used to bring the box back on without human
> intervention (like, after a power outage). Well, this might be good
> enough for some people without resorting to things like paper clips
> jammed into the power connector.

Without looking inside my PC164LX, that's how mine is wired up to the
power button on the ATX case it's housed in. I'm using a bog-standard PC
PSU without any paperclips. AFAIK the PC164LX didn't require a butchered
PSU connector anyway, mine sure doesn't.


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