Subject: Re: Alpha stuff for free
To: Bryan Vyhmeister <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/10/2003 17:05:59
[ On Tuesday, September 9, 2003 at 23:44:15 (-0700), Bryan Vyhmeister wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Alpha stuff for free
> That's what I figured. Things are looking up though because I have come
> across some RAM for the AS4100 that is more in line with reasonable
> price. Does the AS4000 use the same RAM or is that another animal as
> well?

The single-saddle AS4000 and the AS4100 systems are virtually identical
with the primary difference being the extra CPU and RAM slots on the
motherboard are not socketed (and the related support parts are
missing).  The dual-saddle AS4000 has a shorter backplane and thus only
room for the sockets for two CPU slots and four RAM slots, but with the
second saddle option installed it has twice as many PCI buses, slots,
and of course twice as much aggregate bandwidth available as well.

I have one of each type of AS4000, but my dual-saddle one doesn't have
the second PCI/EISA backplane (just the physical box to put it in) and
so I took it apart for spare parts and now my other AS4000 is that
dual-CPU monster which hangs all the time when trying to run the SMP
kernel.  ;-)

So, yes, the AS4000's and AS4100's take exactly the same CPU and RAM cards.

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