Subject: Re: does the radeon 7500 work?
To: bob smith <>
From: Joshua Sanders <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/09/2003 23:46:47
This site is very handy for video and SCSI card compatibility.

Hope that it is useful.

At 05:21 AM 9/8/2003 -0400, bob smith wrote:
>OOOWWW. Yikes. I will check that.
>Tim Ryan wrote:
>>Do you know what PCI rev the 7500 is compared to your 164LX board?  This 
>>is just a wild guess, but it could be that your Alpha box is trying to 
>>supply a 3.3v card with 5v; that might explain why you don't get anything 
>>from it.
>>bob smith wrote:
>>>I pciked up a 7500, plugged it into my 164LX, I get no video out of the 
>>>puppy.  Plug my S3Virge in, bang, have my video back.  Nothing fancy, 
>>>just normal 1.6.1 console.  If I pulg in DEC TGA card, bang, I have video.
>>>So, is anyone running a 7500 on a 164LX?