Subject: Re: Alpha stuff for free
To: Bryan Vyhmeister <>
From: Anders Hogrelius <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/09/2003 19:09:28
As a small note. The PC164SX is _very_ picky regarding the memory. The
memory should be CL1 (CAS Latency 1), which is very hard to come by. None
of the major manufacturers make them any more...



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On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Bryan Vyhmeister wrote:

> > - PersonalWorkStation {433,500,600}{a,au} is even biger (mini tower)
> but
> > you get a lot of nice EV56 power and it can be feed with regular
> > (=cheap) PC100 ECC DIMMs up to 1.5 GB RAM. A PWS 500au with Tru64 is
> my
> > main workstation.
> > - PC164 or PC164SX board in a generic ATX box. The PC164 needs PS/2
> > parity FPM SIMMs, 4 or 8 at a time. The PC164SX needs PC100 ECC DIMMs
> > but has the PCI-DMA bug of the Pyxis chip set like the PWS. (The bugs
> > are hidden in the PWS by a PCI-PCI bridge.)
> This is quite informative. This is definitely a thread to keep. I was
> wondering if anyone has any information about the AlphaServer 4100. What
> sort of RAM does it use? Also, I just acquired an Alpha PC164LX. Is that
> any different memory wise from the PC164 or PC164SX? Thank you.
> Bryan