Subject: Re: DEC 3000/{8,9}00
To: Noah J. Misch <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/07/2003 11:13:16
On 2003.09.06 14:52 Noah J. Misch wrote:

> >From the NetBSD/alpha page, it looks like this system runs over a
> serial console with no major caveats.  I am interested in helping to
> make the keyboard and mouse (integrated), and video (turbochannel)
> work.
The web page is a bit outdated. The 1.6 install kernels don't support 
local framebuffer console. Once you got the machine installed you can 
compile the TCWSCONS kernel and you will get even X11. Look at the 
NetBSD web site in the "Documentation" section how to compile you own 
Or you may try a -current snapshot. AFAIK -current supports local 
framebuffer console right from the installation on. Have a look at