Subject: Re: Re: does the radeon 7500 work?
To: Michael G. Schabert <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/07/2003 07:05:53
> Date: 2003/09/06 Sat PM 10:14:26 CDT
> To: bob smith <>
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> Subject: Re: does the radeon 7500 work?
> >I pciked up a 7500, plugged it into my 164LX, I get no video out of 
> >the puppy.  Plug my S3Virge in, bang, have my video back.  Nothing 
> >fancy, just normal 1.6.1 console.  If I pulg in DEC TGA card, bang, 
> >I have video.
> Hi Bob,
> What X Server are you using? I use a TGA card on my AlphaStation 200, 
> so I use the XDecNetBSD. Since you mentioned plugging in a TGA & 
> having it work, I'll guess that you're using either XDecNetBSD or 
> XAlphaNetBSD (older name, dunno which 1.6.1 uses). I'm not sure what 
> VGA-style cards are supported under that X Server, so that may be the 
> issue. You would have a much better range of options & cards 
> available if you used the XFree86 X Server.
> Just a thought,
> Mike
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Sorry, I guess I am not clear enough, with the 7500 plugged into a PCI slot, I get No Video out of the 7500.  With a CTX1765 monitor on my AS 250, I get nothing, the monitor stays in sleep mode, plugged into the 164LX, same board, I get the green monitor lite but no video - and both cases are at boot time, I have the boxes set to prompt me for boot, If I can get as far as having to choos which Xserver to use, I will be most happy!! Right now I am still scratching my head, S3 and other generic pci cards give me the boot screen, but not this 7500...mumble grumble...