Subject: DEC 3000/{8,9}00
To: None <>
From: Noah J. Misch <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/06/2003 14:52:20
I recently acquired a DEC 3000.  I believe it is a 3000/800 or 3000/900
since it has six turbochannel slots with a video card in one of those
slots.  I'd like to get a free operating system or two running on this

From the NetBSD/alpha page, it looks like this system runs over a serial
console with no major caveats.  I am interested in helping to make the
keyboard and mouse (integrated), and video (turbochannel) work.

If I can assist/work with anyone who may already be dealing in systems of
this variety, please let me know.

Noah Misch