Subject: Re: MAGMA TurboChannel drivers are public now :-)
To: None <>
From: Felix Deichmann <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/02/2003 21:20:08
Felix Deichmann wrote:

> Thanks to Chuck Brost, MAGMA has made their old TurboChannel driver 
> sources (VMS and Unix) publicly available.

Well, because several people had reservations concerning the quite 
"impressive" copyright notices at the top of the MAGMA source files, I 
try to get an official statement/file from MAGMA to clarify the 
situation. In the meantime I draw on the mail correspondence with Chuck 
Brost (MAGMA), who wrote:

"The only thing I ask is that you put your name on it (of course you can 
give us credit for supplying the original source code) and contact 
information in case someone has a problem with it, since I am not able 
to assist them at this point.  Just so long as it goes out as your 
version of the driver, then I have no problems with whatever else you 
may do."

So, which license would be the closest match? GPL? BSD? Neither nor?

And if I had to suggest MAGMA a license type, which license should I 
recommend? BSD?