Subject: Re: how portable is ccd?
To: None <>
From: Ray Phillips <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/22/2003 10:22:12
Thanks Roland and Paul.  I didn't realise ccdconfig is run by 
/etc/rc.d/ccd each time a machine is booted; that makes sense now.

>All ccdconfig is basically doing is setting parameters in the driver
>for that CCD according to the settings in a configuration file

OK, so ccd drivers are loaded into memory at boot time and accept 
configuration values from ccdconfig which last until they're manually 
unconfigured or the machine's shutdown.  That's very neat, but I 
suspect it's not an uncommon technique for unix systems?

So, provided /etc/ccd.conf is unchanged, even if "ccdconfig -u" is 
executed the ccd device will be reconfigured at the next reboot, even 
if the disks it was composed of have been removed.  I guess the only 
harm done in this case is to produce a few warning messages on the