Subject: How do I fix "siop0: couldn't map interrupt" on AlphaServer 1000A?
To: None <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/19/2003 09:59:16
I have an AlphaServer 1000A running NetBSD/alpha 1.6T (-CURRENT).  It
has three SCSI controllers: a built-in QLogic 1020 and two Symbios
Logic 53c810 cards.

Unfortunately, only one of the Symbios controllers appears to be
usable by NetBSD.  When the machine boots into NetBSD, I get the error
"dec_1000a_intr_map: can't map dev 8 pin 2" followed by "siop0:
couldn't map interrupt" and so don't get a scsibus attach for that
controller.  (The siop1 device probes and attaches as scsibus1 without

This has not been an issue for me previously, but recently I just
scrounged up four additional drives that I'd like to attach to this
controller.  (I already hang several off siop1.)  So, I'd like to get
siop0 working under NetBSD.

The machine previously ran Tru64 Unix, and I don't remember it ever
complaining about interrupt mapping problems.  But, I don't think
anything was ever hung off either of the siop controllers, so I don't
know if siop0 ever actually worked under Tru64.  SRM doesn't appear to
complain about any of the hardware.  (I upgraded the SRM to the latest
version before installing NetBSD.)

Is having two siop devices a known problem under NetBSD/alpha, or is
it a known problem on the AlphaServer 1000A?  Does anyone know of an
easy fix to get this working?  Will simply moving it to another slot
get it to work, or is there some SRM magic that needs to be invoked?
The system runs a couple of servers, so I'd rather not take it down
and open it up until I have a decent plan of action that is likely to
do some good. :-)

I've attached a copy of the boot messages at the end of this message.

Any help is appreciated.




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NetBSD 1.6T (CHUMBY) #4: Tue May 13 13:03:15 EDT 2003
AlphaServer 1000A 5/300, 300MHz, s/n
8192 byte page size, 1 processor.
total memory = 128 MB
(2016 KB reserved for PROM, 126 MB used by NetBSD)
avail memory = 110 MB
using 819 buffers containing 6552 KB of memory
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: ID 0 (primary), 21164-5
cia0 at mainbus0: DECchip 2117x Core Logic Chipset (ALCOR/ALCOR2), pass 3
cia0: extended capabilities: 20<DWEN>
pci0 at cia0 bus 0
pci0: i/o space, memory space enabled, rd/line, rd/mult, wr/inv ok
pceb0 at pci0 dev 7 function 0: Intel 82375EB/SB PCI-EISA Bridge (PCEB) (rev. 0x05)
ppb0 at pci0 dev 8 function 0: Digital Equipment DECchip 21050 PCI-PCI Bridge (rev. 0x02)
pci1 at ppb0 bus 2
pci1: i/o space, memory space enabled, rd/line, wr/inv ok
isp0 at pci1 dev 0 function 0: QLogic 1020 Ultra Wide SCSI HBA
isp0: interrupting at dec_1000a irq 0
isp0: invalid NVRAM header
scsibus0 at isp0: 16 targets, 8 luns per target
siop0 at pci1 dev 1 function 0: Symbios Logic 53c810 (fast scsi)
dec_1000a_intr_map: can't map dev 8 pin 2
siop0: couldn't map interrupt
tlp0 at pci0 dev 11 function 0: DECchip 21140 Ethernet, pass 1.2
tlp0: interrupting at dec_1000a irq 1
tlp0: DEC DE500-XA, Ethernet address 00:00:f8:02:10:1c
tlp0: 10baseT, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, 10baseT-FDX
tlp1 at pci0 dev 12 function 0: DECchip 21040 Ethernet, pass 2.4
tlp1: interrupting at dec_1000a irq 3
tlp1: Ethernet address 00:00:f8:22:c9:b6
tlp1: 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 10base5, manual
siop1 at pci0 dev 13 function 0: Symbios Logic 53c810 (fast scsi)
siop1: interrupting at dec_1000a irq 5
scsibus1 at siop1: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
eisa0 at pceb0
eisa0: can't map I/O space for slot 9
isa0 at pceb0
com0 at isa0 port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4: ns16550a, working fifo
com1 at isa0 port 0x2f8-0x2ff irq 3: ns16550a, working fifo
pckbc0 at isa0 port 0x60-0x64
pckbd0 at pckbc0 (kbd slot)
pckbc0: using irq 1 for kbd slot
wskbd0 at pckbd0 (mux ignored): console keyboard
pms0 at pckbc0 (aux slot)
pckbc0: using irq 12 for aux slot
wsmouse0 at pms0 (mux ignored)
vga0 at isa0 port 0x3b0-0x3df iomem 0xa0000-0xbffff
wsdisplay0 at vga0 (kbdmux ignored): console (80x25, vt100 emulation), using wskbd0
lpt0 at isa0 port 0x3bc-0x3bf irq 7
pcppi0 at isa0 port 0x61
midi0 at pcppi0: PC speaker
spkr0 at pcppi0
isabeep0 at pcppi0
fdc0 at isa0 port 0x3f0-0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2
fd0 at fdc0 drive 0: 1.44MB, 80 cyl, 2 head, 18 sec
mcclock0 at isa0 port 0x70-0x71: mc146818 or compatible
Kernelized RAIDframe activated
IPsec: Initialized Security Association Processing.
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
scsibus1: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0: <DEC, RZ29B    (C) DEC, 0016> disk fixed
sd0: 4091 MB, 3708 cyl, 20 head, 113 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 8380080 sectors
sd0: sync (100.00ns offset 12), 16-bit (20.000MB/s) transfers, tagged queueing