Subject: dot-matrix printer and newfs question
To: None <>
From: Arlie G. Capps <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/09/2003 19:02:31
Hello, I have two questions.  

I have installed at different times NetBSD 1.6.1 and -current on my 
PWS 600au.  The disk in it is either a little more than 2 or a little 
more than 4 GB, and I set it up with a swap partition and one large 
root partition.  Both times I installed, the installer insisted on 
creating my root filesystem with a block size of 32K and fragment size of 
4 K.  This seemed awfully wasteful to me, but even if I partitioned it 
into several smaller slices I couldn't get a smaller block or fragment 

I also have an old 24-pin dot-matrix printer that works for other 
computers.  When I print from the Alpha, however, the printer starts 
spewing out garbage after about 3 1/2 pages.  I _suspect_ that the 
computer is sending more data than the printer can handle, but I don't 
know how to test or fix the problem.

Any fixes or pointers to information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Arlie Capps