Subject: AS2100
To: None <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/08/2003 08:00:03
howdy!  i was in the colo last night, fighting with my Challenge (now the
onboard ethernet controller doesn't want to work, dammit) when i gave up and
pulled the AS2100 out to play with.

i booted it off of the 1.6.1 floppies, and after getting everything loaded,
it starts the kernel, gets a bit, and then panics with an error about
unsupported console type or something?  i'm a little fuzzy about that since
it was last night.  i can probably get somone to go plug it in and drop a
serial console on it for me if you want the exact error.

on a whim, i got FreeBSD 5.0 floppies, again, loads everything off of the
disks, starts to load the kernel, and the explodes in flames, not giving
any sort of error, just HALTing the CPU and dropping to the chevrons.

could this be hardware?  or could this just be a poorly supported machine?

also, does SMP work on alpha yet?  this is a dual 275 box, and i wouldn't
mind using both CPUs. ;)


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