Subject: Re: MP AS4100 hanging
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: Stephen M. Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/31/2002 20:09:13
>    Hi folks.  Several weeks ago, I whined about an issue in which my 
> quad-proc AS4100 was hanging fairly consistently.

here here ..
>    I would really like to see this fixed...I'd help track it down, but 
> while I'm an accomplished C programmer, I'm largely unfamiliar with 
> kernel internals.  So if anyone is interested in working on this, I am 
> willing to help by testing patches and/or gathering data on my 
> machines...just let me know what might be helpful and I'll do it.

I'm basically in the same boat that dave is.

I've got four CS20 (dual 833mhz) and four AS1200 (dual 533mhz) that
would love to run MP .. One of each could be made available for 
debugging/testing ..