Subject: Re:Source of Interaction
To: None <>
From: Stefan Edwards <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/17/2002 11:52:07
The one that I have come in contact with is the COM unit on 
(COM is a chat unit, with interesting features and a command syntax similar to 
that of IRC). SDF is a NetBSD server, so many people ask about NetBSD and 
because it's an Alpha (along with the rest of the nodes in it's cluster), 
questions and discussions are also made about the alpha. Of course, other 
Unices make it to the discussions also, mostly comparisons of various Beds, 
other Unices versus *BSD, et cetera. Usually debates get heated pretty 
quickly, like the Alpha vs. Itanium debate. The only real problem with the 
Forums there is that there are a TON of people seeking hacker mercenaries to 
do their bidding, interrupting conversations and such, but if you can ignore 
them, or tell them to fsck off, then you may have a pretty interesting medium 
for discussion.
>Just wondering if anyone knows a resource for NetBSD/alpha || NetBSD
>users to interact in a chat format such as IRC...?

>c v k @ z y b x . c o m

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