Subject: Alpha 3000 700 and TCWSCON no-go on PMAG-C px or PMAG-B cfb
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/16/2002 18:35:38
I have been trying to set up a video system on
an Alpha 3000 700 machine using TCWSCONS.  The
cards I have to use are a PMAG-B (cfb)and a
PMAG-C (px).  Neither seem to work on my cards
on the 3000 700 machine.  TCWSCONS works fine on
my 3000 300 machines.  The PMAG-B (cfb) card
only compiles but does not link (several calls
remain unreferenced).  The PMAG-C (px card)
compiles and links, but when booted, aborts with
some kind of panic back to the prom >>>.

During the compiles, the proper cfb or px parts
of the config have been uncommented....(:+}}...

IFF anyone is actually using a TCWSCONS kernel on
a 3000 700 machine, can you send me a copy of
your working kernel config, AND the nomenclature
printed on the back connector panel of your
particular video card, so I can see if I am
matching up the right card with the right config


Bob Keys