Subject: trouble getting 3000 700 up on tcwscons
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/15/2002 18:49:26
I just put together a fairly nice DEC 3000 700
alpha crate, with 96mb of ram and a couple 4g
drives plus cd internally.  It comes up and runs
netbsd fine.  I have it running on a stripped
serial config, and I like the 22 minute kernel
compiles at 225mhz or whatever the prom says.

Anyway, it came with a huge PMAGC-B 3 slot tc
card for video, but I understand that card does
NOT work with netbsd, currently.  So, I pulled
that and dropped in a PMAG-B card, and compiled
a TCWSCONS kernel.  On boot, the VRC16 is doing
fine, and the PMAG-B card is recognized, but,
it passes a message that it cannot init the
keyboard and console and then it comes up on the
back vt100 terminal out the printer port.  I do
want to get the TCWSCONS kernel running on it, if
that is possible, since I have a nice 19" monitor
to use as the console, if it will.

Is there anything strange about running TCWSCONS
on a 3000 700 machine, in terms of switches or
other settings?  (Yes I did flip S3 UP for the

The dmesg output goes something like:

Consinit: Unable to init console on keyboard and
          TURBOchannel slot 0x1.
Using serial console.

The PMAG-B card is in TC0 slot of the 3 slots.

Is there something I am doing wrong or need to

I was under the impression that the video card
needed to go in the lowest numbered slot (0).
Is this correct?


Bob Keys