Subject: Anyone can get chinese domains now!
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/14/2002 09:37:26
Everybody can register since December 15 2002  chinese domains for himself
and his company. A market of billions people is waiting for you...

In former times companies or individuals from abroad could not
register, or Name servers
of cn-domains had to be chinese.

We are accepting free pre-registrations at . The queue is built on the principle "comes
first, serve first".

Many Chinese search engines accept only cn-domains an. You can submit your
english website at English speaking Chinese search engines with the help of and
and you will find a cheap tool to submit these sites to Chinese engines,
at which are in Chinese language.

The registration rules in China have  now totally changed. 
We can register for every company and individual Chinese domains with latin
characters. Chinese domains with chinese characters are not included in this
solution. It is also impossible to register names at .cn. The customer must
register an - or at all, in order to be sure, that
cybersquatters do not steal his name.

There will be no "sunrise" period like at .info - but China accepted rules,
which are protecting trade marks.

This news is not only technical. The chinese government will not have the internet 
under control any more, if a bulk registration is overflowing the
country. Even there are rules in the domain registration agreement that contents
of chinese domains should not advertise pornography or critisize the
government, the reality will show, that these rules are only an illusion. 
More then ever Chinese with access to internet cafes and will be able to check
governments information abroad and reform medias.