Subject: Re: AlphaStation 1000A
To: Paul Mather <>
From: Jarkko Teppo <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/13/2002 20:27:47
Paul Mather said:

>    _00-00-F8-22-C9-B6
>   tu1: console mode: selecting 10BaseT
>    _(UTP) port: half duplex
> What is the recommended driver for these?  (I seem to recall there
> being two, one of which is considered "buggy," or am I confusing this
> with something else?)

tlp works fine (with 1.6 and current). I understand that the de-driver
is deprecated.

> Finally, is this graphics adapter supported under X?
>   cirrus0: Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428 (SVGA)
>    _512 Kbytes
>   cirrus0 at eisa0

Hmm... d o n ' t   e v e n  t r y  i t. Sorry. The built-in cirrus
is unbelievably slow. I mean, reaaally slow. My suggestion is to go with
serial console or sacrifice one of the PCI-slots for a decent adapter
(which might be tricky...).

> Sorry for the questions, but although this model is listed as being
> supported from 1.4 onwards, I couldn't find any mention of it in the
> "Notes on Supported System Models" page at the NetBSD WWW site.

I'm not sure how much the 1000A differs from 1000 but FWIV I'm running
-current with an AS1000 (DE500 network, built-in siop and an aic7880).
I'm actually writing this message via a webmail-interface, via
mozilla running on the alpha, displayed on a dual-head sparc 4.

If possible, try -current. The performance improvement over 1.6 is
quite amazing.

> FWIW, appended at the end is the Tru64 boot log entry, in case
> anyone can spot any obvious problems with hardware compatibility.

>      ATM Subsystem configured with 1
>       _restart threads
>      ATMUNI: configured
>      ATMSIG: 3.x (module=uni3x) configured
>      ILMI: 3.x (module=ilmi) configured
>      ATM IP: configured
>      ATM LANE: configured.
>      ATM IFMP: configured
> <<<<<

I've never tried Tru64, but is that just the subsystem or some sort
of card ?