Subject: Re:SRM Scsi Questions
To: None <>
From: Christian von Kleist <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/10/2002 15:28:25

     My have the same PWS500a system with an Adaptec 2940uw controller. 
The SRM is incapable of recognizing it even with the newest firmware
(SRM v7.2).  I have "solved" (eschewed) this problem by installing
NetBSD on an 8.4 gig IDE drive on the primary IDE interface (moved
the CD-ROM to secondary).  I now use the SCSI drive for extra space.

     Alternatively, your kernel could boot from / on the IDE drive and
mount userland partitions on the SCSI disk.  Also, the kernel could
boot from a floppy and then mount userland on the SCSI disk, but
that's kind of gross.

     If you are having trouble booting from the CD, try:

>>>boot dkb0

     ...if your CD-ROM is on the secondary IDE channel as mine is.

 - or -

>>>boot dka0

     ...if it's on the primary.

-- Christian von Kleist

c v k @ z y b x .com

> The best I can say is what the seller told me: Adaptect SCSI Controller.
> No  Model #.
>>On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Stefan Edwards wrote:
>>> I have a DEC Personal Workstation Alpha 500a that I have installed
>>> NetBSD
> on.
>>> the trick is, that I cannot find the SCSI devices on the SRM console,
>>> nor
> does
>>> 'show devices' nor 'show config' shed any light onto why I cannot
>>> find the SCSIs. The only Hard Disk Devices show are two PCI IDE slots
>>> that are unoccupied. The only devices that actually show up in 'ls'
>>> are dva0.bleh, dka0.0.4.0 (CD) and ewa.bleh. Another thing is, I know
>>> the ARC console used the SCSI disks to boot NT (the guy I bought it
>>> from used NT on this
> machine).
>>What SCSI adapter are you running? SRM is much more restrictive than
>> ARC concerning bootable SCSI adapters.
> # I love NASM and Assembly in Linux
> section .data
> msg db 'Hello World!',0
> len equ 13
> section .text
>      global _start
> _start:
>  mov eax,4
>  mov ebx,1
>  mov ecx, msg
>  mov edx, len
>  int 0x80
>  mov eax,1
>  mov ebx,0
>  int 0x80