Subject: Re:SRM Scsi Questions
To: None <>
From: Stefan Edwards <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/10/2002 15:03:22
The best I can say is what the seller told me: Adaptect SCSI Controller. No 
Model #.
>On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Stefan Edwards wrote:

>> I have a DEC Personal Workstation Alpha 500a that I have installed NetBSD 
>> the trick is, that I cannot find the SCSI devices on the SRM console, nor 
>> 'show devices' nor 'show config' shed any light onto why I cannot find the
>> SCSIs. The only Hard Disk Devices show are two PCI IDE slots that are
>> unoccupied. The only devices that actually show up in 'ls' are dva0.bleh,
>> dka0.0.4.0 (CD) and ewa.bleh. Another thing is, I know the ARC console used
>> the SCSI disks to boot NT (the guy I bought it from used NT on this 

>What SCSI adapter are you running? SRM is much more restrictive than
>ARC concerning bootable SCSI adapters.


# I love NASM and Assembly in Linux
section .data
msg db 'Hello World!',0
len equ 13
section .text
     global _start
 mov eax,4
 mov ebx,1
 mov ecx, msg
 mov edx, len
 int 0x80
 mov eax,1
 mov ebx,0
 int 0x80