Subject: SRM Scsi Questions
To: None <>
From: Stefan Edwards <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/10/2002 14:37:08
I have a DEC Personal Workstation Alpha 500a that I have installed NetBSD on. 
the trick is, that I cannot find the SCSI devices on the SRM console, nor does 
'show devices' nor 'show config' shed any light onto why I cannot find the 
SCSIs. The only Hard Disk Devices show are two PCI IDE slots that are 
unoccupied. The only devices that actually show up in 'ls' are dva0.bleh, 
dka0.0.4.0 (CD) and ewa.bleh. Another thing is, I know the ARC console used 
the SCSI disks to boot NT (the guy I bought it from used NT on this machine). 
Any one have any ideas? I am able to get the machine to boot from floppies, 
but it won't boot CDs (which when ARC console is booted, says it is mapped to 
SCSI ID). Are there rescue floppies that I need to boot every time, or is 
there a firmware update I can grab. here were the version numbers I pulled 
from 'show config':
SRM Console: v6.5-145
ARC Console: 5.33
I am also not very familar with the SRM Console, so if there is some secrete 
command that is not in the help system, or I am not using the correct flags, 
please. I did search lightly before posting, and I am sorry if this is a 
repeate of an old theme, but if it is, simply point me in the direction I must 
go. Thanks in advance,
  -- Stefan Edwards