Subject: Re:XFree86-4.2.1 update
To: None <>
From: Christian von Kleist <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/06/2002 11:49:17

     Thanks for posting that info again.  I have X running on my 500a now,
but not for long!  It crashes with:

X: Undefined PLT symbol "malloc" (reloc type = 26, symnum = 68)

     ...and others, but all crashes are "Undefined PLT symbol" of type 26.
 Do you know what that means and how I can fix it?  I saw your
Monsters, Inc. screenshots in Ogle, so I know your machine is running

-- Christian


> Hi,
> An update on XFree86-4.2.1 :
> 1) Don't use bsd_video.c/ or .tar.gz file sent ,changes have been made
> for stability.
> 2) Now testing a 500au with an ATI-Radeon 7000 supported in 4.2.1 and
> seen by SRM
> with FW update 6.2
> 3) Server runs with no to low over head, see
> 4) I need some time to bang on the server and play with different video
> cards for stability
> before sending 'patches' as suggested by,
> back out to text mode
> with ctrl-alt-backspace now works 'white char on red' for ati card,
> 'white char on blue for Matox cards'.
> 5) Those who wish to run NetBSD-1.5*/1.6K  with XFree86 please refer to
> I have run this server since 2/01 on as800, as 1000a, as500 and numerous
> PWS machines (433a/u->600a/u).
> Enjoy -Mel