Subject: API CS20 remote management?
To: None <,>
From: Stephen M. Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/24/2002 12:50:31
Hi there.

My organisation has acquired four API CS20 which are now running
NetBSD SMP like champs.  I'm curious to find anyone who might have
a technical reference manual .. since API is now gone its been
impossible to find their system manuals (they had them on their
webpage as PDFs) and after extensive web searching I am unable to
find any rogue site with a copy.

Some questions I have:

* RCM (remote console management) on our DEC 5305s is a blessing
  and absolutely necessary.  It helps keeping downtime to a minimum
  and its also great for doing remote updates to the OS.  I know
  the CS20 doesn't have RCM, but apparently it has some sort of
  remote management that can be done over the primary ethernet
  interface.  Does anyone have information on setting this up?

* 'linux in ROM' .. how about NetBSD in ROM? I've not seen the
  technical reference manual .. but perhaps that gives some hints
  into hacking this.

* how compatible is the CS20 and the DS20L?

* Is anyone actively using these with NetBSD?  Care to form a small 
  users group?


Stephen Jones
SDF public access UNIX system