Subject: Last chance, API UP2000 Alpha Server For Sale
To: None <,,>
From: Rob Harris <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/20/2002 23:27:39
The offers I had fell through, so I'll offer it up one more time at a 
reduced price to get it out of my house.

Again, I have a dual processor AlphaProcessor, Inc. UP2000 (akin to a 
DS20) server system for sale. I personally spec'ed, purchased and used 
this machine when I worked for a former dot com. When I was laid off, I 
bought it from them for a potential project which never happened.

6U Rack-mount chassis
600W Power Supply (new)
API UP2000 Motherboard
Dual 667mhz 21264 Slot B processors, 2Mb cache
1G of RAM
Dual Intel 10/100 Ethernet
Elsa Synergy III
3.5" Floppy
12x IDE CDROM drive
27G (18Gx1, 9Gx1) LVD SCSI drives (more/different drives can be 
negotiated in.)
Plenty of internal cooling fans.
(I can provide pix of system if interested.)

It has run Tru64, Linux, NetBSD, and FreeBSD all flawlessly in a 
production environment for various tasks. (We used it for doing 
client-server prototyping.)

Was over $10k when purchased less than 2 years ago. I would like $2000 + 
shipping, completely negotiable. If you live on the east coast north 
between MA and NC, I can hand deliver it to you. Please reply if 
interested. Thanks. I promise I won't spam this list anymore. :)

-=[ Rob ]=-
  Rob Harris -=- Technological Pragmatist -=-
"There's nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot." -Dilbert