Subject: Re: DS 3300/3305 console question
To: Stephen M. Jones <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/07/2002 11:32:21
At 21:12 -0500 8/1/02, Stephen M. Jones wrote:
>The 3305 uses an RJ12 (if thats what it is) acts as the COM1
>interface.  COM2 is a DB9 .. my question is, is it possible
>to swap COM2 as the 'primary' serial line for SRM?

That connector is DEC MMJ, and you could as late as a year ago order 
a cable and  DB-25 connector adapter for it from DEC/Compaq for about 
US$15. I have two DigitalServer 3305's - I also recommend that you 
order the SCA SCSI drive sleds (the part number is printed on it) to 
max out your drive cabinet (US$7/ea) before they run out of spares...

To answer your question, SRM will respond on the second serial port; 
I had a problem because of that - I have a GPS radio clock that emits 
NMEA-183 timestamps every second, and when that was connected to the 
second serial port, SRM would crash when it saw the strings from the 
clock. I solved that problem by buying an ISA 16550 serial port for a 
PC164 Alpha, and moving the clock to that.

	Erik <>