Subject: OT: Parity Memory swap
To: NetBSD/Alpha Mail List \(E-mail\) <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/06/2002 10:39:11
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	Apologies for being off-topic, but considering the number of
machines here that use 72-pin parity memory, hopefuklly someone can help me
out. Thank you much for your patience :)

	I have 2 16x36 (64MB each) Parity 72 pin SIMMs...
The sticker on them says...
02/27/97     1538
Void If Removed
...they are 1 3/16" high, 36 chips on each.
 I'm looking to trade these for a set of either 4 8x36 (32MB ea) or 8 4x36
(16MB ea) SIMMs.
	Of course, as usual, if it's cheap enough, I'll buy some too. Either
way, none of my machines really like the 64MB SIMMs, so I at least want to
trade those out.
	My Prioris HX MP/2 5150 (dual P-150s!) when I upgrade it to 4 CPUs,
will use 128 bit interleaved memory, but I need to add 8 SIMMs at a time...

	BTW, I was just thinking... I have 608MB worth of Parity memory, in
2  - 64 - 16x36
6  - 32 -  8x36
12 - 16 -  4x36
12 -  8 -  2x36
	Probably could trade these for full sets of either 8x36 or 4x36
SIMMs also. 512MB would be either 16 32MB SIMMs, or 32 16MB SIMMs.
	And no, I'm not looking to sell any. I have more machines (AXPpci33,
Multia(s), PC64, SparcStation LX) that will use the rest of the RAM chips :)

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