Subject: Re: 21164 chip markings
To: None <>
From: Ray Phillips <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/03/2002 18:26:17
>There's a 21164 chip listed on ebay that has the markings on it
>"21164-KC 533"; is this a 499-pin 21164/21164A or a 413-pin 21164PC?

I'm not 100% certain Jeffrey, but there's some circumstantial 
evidence it's not a 21164PC on:

(the only page google found for me containing the string "21164-KC"), 
viz. both are listed on different lines of the table:

21164-KC 533MHz 19.9A    43.5W  67.6℃
21164-MC 600MHz 22.3A    48.5W  65.6℃

21164PC 533MHz   8.3A    18.0W  66℃      2.0V+2.5V
21164PC 600MHz   9.3A    20.0W  65℃
21164PC 666MHz  10.3A    23.0W  63.5℃

I was looking for a 21164PC chip a few months ago.  The only source I 
found was ReQuest in Holland.  I didn't proceed with the purchase in 
the end but I'll append the reply I received at the time to this 


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From: "Michel Brouwer - ReQuest Automation Services" <>
To: "Ray Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: 21164PC
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 10:12:57 +0100
Organization: ReQuest Automation Services

Dear Sir,

We have the 533MHz CPU's available for 100 USD.

With kind regards,

Michel Brouwer
Phone: 0031-35-6949441
Fax: 0031-35-6946202

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Subject: 21164PC

>  Dear Request:
>  Please tell me if you can supply a DEC 21164PC microprocessor which is
>  by the Alpha PC164SX motherboard.  I believe they were made in three
>  400 MHz, 466 MHz and 533 MHz, with part numbers 211PC-01, 211PC-02 and
>  211PC-03, respectively.
>  Ray Phillips