Subject: Too many open files in system
To: None <>
From: Lars <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/25/2002 12:38:33
Ok im still having these problems and ive tried a few things.

I compiled the kernel with options nproc=2048
(i read this on a webpage)

Ive also did this to change things global.

# sysctl -w kern.maxfiles=8192
# sysctl -w kern.maxvnodes=32768

I started tracking the number of files opened by mysqld with this.

# while sleep 1; do fstat | grep mysqld | wc -l; done

Still got those strange errors when i reach above 63 open files in the
mysqld, and as a fact the standard max open file descs are according to
ulimit -a 64 so ive tried to change this for the mysql user.

# ulimit -n 8192

Still got the same problem, then i checked the procs info with

# sysctl  proc.3469.rlimit.descriptors.soft
proc.3469.rlimit.descriptors.soft = 64

Then i changed it to 2048

# sysctl -w proc.3469.rlimit.descriptors.soft=2048
proc.3469.rlimit.descriptors.soft: 64 -> 2048

Still got that damn too many open files error :/

Anyway of compiling into the kernel how many i can have? as default?

I could really need your help guys.


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