Subject: RE: Will Robinson is back!
To: port-alpha <>
From: Haapanen, Tom <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/23/2002 13:01:57
Jason R. Thorpe:
> Wow, what version of NetBSD are you running?  It must be not very recent,
> as that message was removed from the kernel quite some time ago (after
> reexamination of the definition of the bit in a structure that it's
> about).

We are still running 1.4.1.  It wasn't broke, so I didn't fix it.  :-)

>> messages.1:Apr 18 18:36:46 stratos /netbsd: panic: uvm_fault_unwire:
>> unwiring non-wired memory

> This problem has been fixed, as well.
> I suggest you upgrade to a newer version.

I was afraid of that ... what's the lowest-risk upgrade that will fix this
problem?  1.5.2?  I want to minimize downtime for the upgrade, and as much
as possible try to ensure that the system continues to run after the
upgrade.  Extended downtime will make people unhappy ...

NetBSD 1.5 switched to the rc.d structure -- that's at least one part of the
system that may require some manual attention to migrate the old-style
rc/rc.local/netstart files to rc.d.  Can anyone offer any advice on the
upgrade process?  Is there a doc somewhere that provides guidance for
planning this?  (I couldn't find one on either or on Google.)

Thanks ...

Tom Haapanen