Subject: was re: PC164 won't boot NOW: SROM initialization post codes (LONG)
To: None <>
From: Chris Price <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/25/2002 21:26:49
	Thanks for all your replies so far. Here's most of my original 

> >       Just inherited a PC164 barebones system from someones storeroom.
> > According to the guy I got the system from, 'It was working when it
> > was put away'. Unfortunately the system gives 6 beeps at boot time, and
> > never seems to intialize its video card/display (PCI Diamond Stealth
> > 2000).
> >

	So tonight I got a serial connection to the SROM debug port (J31).
Here's what I see when I turn the system on;


	if I am reading this correctly, the boot sequence is buggering up with
a '3f' code right after post code 15. I found a great doc that details
each step, 
here's the summary;

	00 Firmware initialization is complete
	01 CPU speed detected
	02 CPU speed converted
	03 Configuration jumpers read
	04 Bcache configuration value computed
	05 Bcache control value computed
	06 Bcache turned off
	07 Memory timing registers written
	08 Memory control register written
	09 Memory bank 0 register written
	0B DRAMs awakened
	0C Memory sized and memory bank 0 written
	0F Bcache turned on
	13 All of memory rewritten (good data parity written)
	14 Memory errors cleared; start reading system ROM
	15 Loading ROM without SROM decompression
	16 Loading ROM using SROM decompression
	17 System ROM loaded to memory
	18 Icache flush code written to memory
	19 CPU errors cleared; jump to system code
	20 ISA bus reset

	Given that this machine sat idle for about a year, I am beginning to
think that its system rom might be dead.

	Does anyone know how to go about loading the system ROM back 
into memory? I've found various documents that refer to a program called 
xload.exe, but am not sure.

	Any help you might provide is greatly appreciated.