Subject: PC164 won't boot - 6 beeps at post
To: None <>
From: Chris Price <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/23/2002 22:27:36

	Just inherited a PC164 barebones system from someones storeroom.
According to the guy I got the system from, 'It was working when it 
was put away'. Unfortunately the system gives 6 beeps at boot time, and 
never seems to intialize its video card/display (PCI Diamond Stealth

	I've read the archives and the 6 beep post error code 
seems to mostly concern itself with wrong memory type in the system. 
I also replaced the system battery since a couple of posts referenced
bad/dead battery problems and 6 beeps.

	The board came with 4 SIMMS that read:

	4M x 36 60NS 5.0V

	The SIMMS have 8 small chips and 1 large chip *on one 
side only* - the other side is empty.

	I have jumper J1 'on' (ie: a jumper installed across the 
pins) and the SIMMS installed in SIM0 thru SIM4 (J5-J8).

	I've cleaned the contacts on the simms with a pink eraser and
then wiped them with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to get the crap off 
them. No simm slot contacts seem bent or corroded

	I am at a loss on how to proceed. Are 6 beeps 'bad'? Should
I try hooking up a console to one of the serial ports?

	Any and all help is greatly appreciated.