Subject: Re: How many CPUs?
To: Ray Phillips <>
From: Stephen M Jones <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/09/2002 20:42:57
> I couldn't find any mention of the Alpha Server 7000 on the NetBSD 
> Web site, for example.  It can have up to six processors, but I 
> presume NetBSD won't run on it even if it has only one?

Isn't this a relative of the 1200 (5300?) and 4100?  As long as you 
running a recent SRM prom I don't think you will have any problems
getting NetBSD booted.  I don't know about being able to address 
all 6 processors, but I know Jason got a dual AS1200 booted multiuser
nearly a year ago.  

I've had 1.5ZA running on a test dual processor AS1200 for several
months and feels stable for the most part .. though it hardly has 
any sort of load on it.  

I did run into a problem when I was building current userland, but
that wasn't kernel related.