Subject: Re: pc164 board problems
To: None <>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/06/2002 22:06:29
On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 09:16:44AM -0700, Shawn Nock wrote:
> A similar thing happened on my 164LX... The contacts on the DIMM were
> gold, but the board's contact's were silver / or aluminum; There was a
> bad connection.  I used a pink (yes, it has to be the pink kind)
> eraser and rubbed the contacts off lightly. There are several
> commercial products that will clean contacts better, but it worked for
> mine and prehaps is worth a try!

even better is to try and match metals if at all possible, IE if you
have gold sockets, get gold DIMMS; tin sockets, get tin DIMMS.

unlike metals tend to accelerate oxidation on eachother when mated.  ;)

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