Subject: Alpha 3000/800
To: port-alpha <>
From: Stan Pietkiewicz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/04/2002 21:33:14
I finally got some time to fire up one of my recent finds... I mounted a
DSP3107 (1gb scsi) inside the chassis, hooked up the StorageWorks
tower/floppy to the onboard SCSI controller, and powered it up.
Magically, the VT320 displayed the POST messages, and the machine even
found the floppy (dkb100). I proceeded to boot from the NetBSD-Alpha
1.5.1 install floppy, and got to the sysinst menu, when I smelled the
ominous presence of escaping magic blue smoke (even though I didn't see
any!).. I powered everything off, let it sit for a few minutes while I
tried to find the source of the non-smoke.
When I powered the 3000 back up, it hung with FD displayed on the LED
display, with no output to the VT320...

Any ideas as to what might be cooked??